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The Socialite DJ Talks About Traveling Kicks Traveling To Capital Town Square, Las Vegas

IMG_8825What can I say about Capital. For them to be such a young store in the game they sure have made quite some noise in the sneaker community here in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. I honestly didn’t know what to think when walking in their store approaching them with the idea. All I knew is that I had an idea and a vision, but would need their help to finish being able to show everyone else my vision.IMG_8830 At this point I was still also trying to get Clicks. I’m not going to lie, I had hoped it would’ve been a quicker process for me to get the video with Capital. Only because I had spoken with the Co-Owner at 12 AM Run at the Linq, and he loved the idea, and said yeah we can do that. But when approaching him in his store, it was a small run around on giving us some time to do the video.
Luckily for me, Mr. Black Tie decided to test them out for himself; And his response was, well you see the video right? Lol.IMG_8823But I’m thankful that I got to do the video, either way. When showing the finished product and the numbers, when I approached them the video had 4.5k views in just 2 days, they were impressed and loved the work. 4.5k might not be a lot to some people but to someone who barely gets 50 likes those are great numbers. I’m glad I was just able to do my job and what I love, and see that they liked it too. I can’t wait to get to cover more stores. First Vegas, then everywhere else. Lol Get ready Sneaker Heads, I’ll be coming your way!!

Written By: The Socialite DJ