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The Socialtie DJ Socializes with Young, Fly, & Flashy Forever Young at WWD Magic’s Children’s Club

20180214_104857Let’s face it, kids fashion is very hot. There’s just something about a well dressed kid that’s a head turner. While you’re growing your little one into young gentlemen, and young ladies, their clothing plays a major part in how they see themselves. You want them to know how to dress no matter where they may go. And that’s what Young, Fly, and Flashy Forever young is about. They are keeping kids in the latest fashion in very tasteful ways. With a fun, urban touch, while their clothes are both stylish and trendy.20180214_104902

Since overcoming life changing events that left him visually impaired, Floyd has been able to lead Young Fly & Flashy Forever Young to the light. Based out of Sacramento, YF&F is an international style and brand. I had the pleasure of meeting them at WWD Magic. over in the Children’s Club section. It was just something about them that caught my attention. And I’m glad that I did. This gentlemen’s story was very touching, and I want to thank him again for sharing his story.

Young, Fly, & Flashy Forever Young has been around since 2013, they are fairly young. But with their bright colors, timeless designs, and fun patterns, it’s only a matter of time before Young, Fly, & Flashy Forever Young will be on infants, toddlers, kids, and some adults from all over. Check them out on their website ( as of now they’re an online store, but you can expect to see them in stores and on bodies soon!

Written By: The Socialite DJ20180214_104221