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Traveling Kicks Partners with NPHY (Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth)

IMG_7173  I am so stoked for Traveling Kicks right now. It’s starting to do some of the things that I wanted it to. We recently partnered with NPHY who helps Nevada teens who are homeless or in need of help. Traveling Kicks will be donating restored shoes. We cannot afford to give new shoes just yet, but that’s okay because this is our start up. It also shows what the sneaker community is about helping one another’s feet.22450574_2033914873288973_2128240962_o
What we do is we’re taking old, and unwanted shoes, and restoring them to be in a like new state. A pair of sneakers can go a long way in traveling. And for a teenager who doesn’t have much, a pair of nice, clean sneakers can go even longer. It helps for them to feel comfortable when they’re with their peers. In a teenagers eyes, it’s one thing to have dirty shoes cause they’re old and you have more, but it’s another when they’re your shoes and that’s all that you hnphyave.
We hope to bring some confidence into these kids situations. We want them to feel supported, and understood. We want them to grow with strength. So if we can clean and restore a pair of shoes to help, that’s what we’re going to do! Traveling Kicks, thanks you NPHY for partnering with us, and allowing us to help the kids with you all!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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