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Traveling Kicks: The Socialite DJ tells her story of Fashion and helping the community

68534_560133714017767_462219738_nI have been so excited since Traveling Kicks has been released. It’s like, I get a rush from starting Traveling Kicks, and grinding to make it a success. It gives me a sense of feeling that adds to DJing. For those who do not know, Traveling Kicks is my show that I started that is based around footwear. With Traveling Kicks we focus not only on the hype sneakers but also the shoes and sneakers that many may not know about. IMG_20170813_114358Through Traveling Kicks I want to inform, teach, help, educate, and bring a good feel to women and girls who also like sneakers. We’ve been told so many times growing up that sneakers are for boys, that I’m so happy to be apart of a wave that says otherwise.

I started my love from sneakers at an early age. My dad used to pay me a few dollars to clean his shoes for him. And from there he and I would talk about sneakers, and we created a bond through them. He showed me how to clean shoes, laces, how to take care of them. It was the beginning. From there I took my interest to another level. Started meeting people who liked sneakers as much as myself. But I began to realize that they didn’t like them as much as me. They were all just hypebeast. Only talking about the new Jordan’s, or Adidas. But I’m into the designs, cleaning, restoring, recreating, redesigning, the process of selling, marketing branding. The stories behind each brand is amazing.

And it’s just so great to see so many people take a liking to Traveling Kicks. I’m still not sure how I feel about so many people watching me on screen but, I guess that comes with the territory right. IMG_20170816_144723Lol Getting to talk to some sneaker stores like Clicks and Capital, also talking to a company like Loud Mouth shoes, lets me know that the idea isn’t bad. The viewers are letting me know that the show is going in the right direction. I’m just so excited about how well it’s going.IMG_8823

Oh, and to top everything off, we are helping. We’ve recently partnered with NPHY (Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth). They’re an amazing non-profit organization, and I love what they’re doing, as well humbled and grateful that they decided to make me their resident DJ.20171209_094933sml With Las Vegas being ranked #3 in the nation for having homeless youth, I’m happy to be working with this group of people who do so much to help these kids, and I feel great being able to use Traveling Kicks to help. What we do at Traveling Kicks is shoes that are donated to us, we clean and restore to like new condition. Then we donate the restored sneakers to the kids who look to NPHY for help. In my opinion, if you have the means, there is no point in giving young teens who need help used looking sneakers. With so many people in school talking about the new sneakers that come out, you want the kids to go to school with the same pride of having new sneaks as everyone else. And that’s what we aim for when they pick up a pair from Traveling Kicks.IMG_20180211_131052_89722450574_2033914873288973_2128240962_o

I love the thought that I am being able to help in such a big way. When I was younger I used to get in trouble because I would give my shoes to friends. Some of the friends I had, were in bad situations. I remember one day, I was talking about the new shoes I wanted my dad to buy me, and my friend at the time broke down crying. When I asked them what was wrong, they explained to me their situation, so I was like, “Oh, well here you want these?” and gave them 2 pair of shoes. But that wasn’t the only time I had done that. Eventually my dad caught on and I got in trouble. Not a lot though, but punishment sucks no matter how long. Lol.
I hope to see Traveling Kicks to it’s full potential. This is something that I am passionate about, and I love. I feel that this show can be that safe place for someone who likes sneakers, or even warm feet for someone who doesn’t have shoes. Stay on the look out, and keep updated with hot shoes to come out! Stay tuned, to see what we talk about this weekend. As we just got into the Magic Convention here in Las Vegas, we plan to have some cool updates for you all! Much love, and thank you all for traveling with us.

Written By: The Socialite DJ