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Traveling Kicks Travels to NPHY and Spreads Holiday Cheer

20171209_150034smlThe holidays are great times! Death rates go down, families come together, everyone’s in a happier mood. I can barely think of anything bad about the holidays. Except for those who don’t have any friends or families or loved ones to spend the holidays with. It must be hard for them seeing everyone rush to their families and they’re just trying to find a way to stay occupied. But as we know the holidays are more so for the kids. During this time, we help them to develop hope and dreams. We have created Christmas and the holidays to be a magical time. So, for those children who have the same feelings as a lonely adult during the Christmas time, my heart hurts for them.
I was especially happy to help and be apart of giving dreams, hopes, and help to kids with NPHY during their Wrap Party! Traveling Kicks has been working with NPHY for about 4 20171209_141756smlmonths now and I love it. I remember I used to get in trouble for giving away clothes and such. But now I can give back to those who need the extra hand with no help. NPHY (Nevada Partnership Homeless Youth) is known for helping at risk teens, homeless teens, and just those who need a little extra help get what they need. This year for their second annual Christmas Wrap Party they had the kids write out their Christmas wish list. The goal was to have every item on these kids lists by the end of the day.
20171209_094933smlThere were people coming with toys, clothes, supplies, hygiene products, food, you name it. It was great to see the community come together to help those whom need it. Those who came out and volunteered helped wrapped gifts and let me tell you, there were a lot of gifts to be wrapped. I’m glad that I was able to provide the music for everyone and keep the great vibes up! I want to say thank you to Rico and everyone at NPHY for allowing me to come and bring the sounds. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped to wrap presents for these kids. And thank you to everyone who donated gifts and their time. It was great to see all of that!


Written By: The Socialite DJ

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