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So Much is Happening right now in my life , from new Career Positions , to New Focusing on what’s really important. Reshaping and in some Rebuilding Fashion Radio into something is like me Designing a New Look to a Old Building! The Fashion Radio is going to me more of what it use to be ( Fashion ) and more ( Music ) as well. But what it always lacked in it growth was me. I let a’lot of different people lead it or; do what they wanted to do. Without a thought of what it might cost in me in the long run ! Such as Bringing in New Styles of Leather Design’s Such as

West Coast Leather Founder and Design Director Skip Pas. Since 2003 designing the latest in men’s and women’s luxury leather fashion including their Infamous Black Leather Look. As Well The Sleek Purple Ceo Look of New Age.

West Coast Leather carries on the the legacy of North Beach Leather, responsible for creating looks for many iconic celebrities over the years including Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, Mr. T, and literally dozens more, making us one of the most sought out leather designers in the world.

Whether you are looking for ready to wear or made to measure, That’s where its up to to want the Look you want.

While As other Designer’s join in the Show case of Like West Cost Leather joins The Fashion Radio of what’s Coming Up in Trends and such. I have to admit a’lot more Fashion insight are coming. I’m wanting to put more , and more Fashion in the Up coming Season ! Hopefully soon making a Daily Thing ! So much love to everyone who made this possible !

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