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What Some Photographer’s , Make Up Artist’s , Models , and Designer’s , Dont Know about WWD Magic is about but should know !

Beside being the heart of the Fashion Industry for buyer’s and retailer’s in the center of Las Vegas. WWD Magic is the perfect and ideal source for Fashion Blogger’s,Fashion Editorials , Image Consultants , Stylist’s , Photographer’s, Make Up Artist’s , and well most Importance for Models. No other’s event in Sin City matters lol. If Your trying to make a mark in the Fashion Market , or Fashion World. To simply put nothing else can compare to WWD Magic! There constant Seminar’s about Fashion Marketing insight’s to what’s to come in the Fashion World .Which any Model or Fashion Photographer should know. What better place to learn that than the center of the Fashion Industry that’s connected to it all on a International level ?

The Most Important thing to understand WWD Magic , is where it all started for The Fashion Radio. I have been blessed not with just learning from the very best in fashion marketing but able to put out production due to what i have learned about . Which is One Major factor of why The Fashion Radio is going daily successfully. The Soul of Retailing can be learned at wwd magic as well on how to be a successful fashion Blogger to fashion editorial  photographer. Few Photographer’s know about this due to them not understanding the fashion business. Just because a photographer say he or she shoot fashion editorials does not mean they do it professionally or recognize as such by those in the industry.

Reason why alot of up coming models just keep running in circles lol . There are also alot of online magazines claiming to be in the fashion industry as well ,which none the fashion even know of them. I have been insight with all this knowledge form just being apart of wwd magic. Reason why i don’y just work with any up coming models as well. The Fashion Radio is setting itself apart from these wanna be online magazines.

The Fashion Radio isn’t going your typical local thing to thing. We know what must be done now to be among the very best in the  Fashion Industry. I myself don’t care what alot of these photog’s claim they have done or doing. I don’t care if models are part of a modeling agency.As i have learn those are a dime a dozen these days. The Fashion Radio is moving forward into the Fashion Industry and World ( which those are two different things ) Learn that as well while at my last seminar at wwd magic. The Fashion Radio will setting points starts for other’s to understand and learn more about the two difference of the fashion world to the fashion industry as well. I hope to be apart of whats to come with the future of wwd magic this up coming 2021 Fashion World and Industry , more deeper than just covering ! The Fashion Radio is coming more stronger than ever !!!

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